The purpose of this site is to examine the legal, economic, and social processes which contribute to the privatization of various resources, including technologies, natural resources, and cultural forms. Our intention is that the blog will consist not of a series of detached posts on various topics, but rather as an interconnected set of discussions where we attempt to develop our thinking on these issues as a whole and where older posts remain open venues for continued dialogue.

The name of this site directly references the process by which the British open field system was eroded in favor of privatized land tracts. We tend to use this historical example as a framework for interpreting the contemporary privitization of the physical and intellectual resources listed above.

The header photo depicts the ruins of the Concord Resort in the Catskills. The photo was downloaded a few years ago and after some searching, I haven’t been able to locate the photographer’s name for credit. If you recognize the pic, let us know.

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  2. […] A Plug Jump to Comments If you happen to have checked out our about page, you might have noticed that I write (or rather, co-write) another blog – Enclosure of the Commons, which deals with resource privatization – everything from copyright issues to water rights (a better topic summary can be found here). […]

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